Welcome to Blast!

What is Blast! ?

Created in 2021, Blast! started as a comic project by creator Kirsty Stebbings for her BA Comics and Graphic Novels degree. Orginially going to be a full length Billy comic or a chicken comic. Kirsty's supervisor suggested 'why not both?', 28 pages later and the rest is history! The 1 person anthology was born!

If you liked Buster, Whizzer and Chips, Viz or other British Comics, Blast! Is just like that, full of hand drawn traditional comics, silly puzzles, satire news articles and even a pull out poster or 2 ever issue. We even have our own page 3!

Why not give it a read? You to can be a fan of the UKs worst comic!

Created by: Kirsty Stebbings (xbleaxhx)- 2023